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Get Pain from Sitting at Desks? Mobile Massage Helps!

October 16, 2017



After sitting at your desk and staring at your computer for 8 hours, you might get sore eyes. What is even worse is the stiffness all around all your body, especially your neck and shoulder.  You probably can relieve the soreness of your eyes by rubbing them, but who is going to rub your body?


The answer is a qualified massage therapist! They stretch away the built-up tension in your muscle. They relieve the pain around your back caused by a bad sitting posture.


There are 8 benefits of massage therapy:

1. Stress Relief

Stress relief is key to achieving a healthier lifestyle. A good massage session can greatly lower your heart rate, corticol, and insulin levels, and more importantly, help reduce daily stress.


2. Encourage Relaxation

Massage has been reported as a great way to lead your body into a relaxing rest-and-recovery mode.


3. Improve Posture

Do you know poor posture can be changed to correct? Give your local 'magical fingers' a go! Massage helps restore healthy and natural movements, which will bring your good posture back on track.


4. Improve Circulation

Massage therapy creates pressure, which helps move blood through congested areas.


5. Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure has more misconceptions than nearly any other medical condition. Massage is a good way to help manage high blood pressure.


6. Relax Muscles

Massage, especially deep tissue massage is the most direct method to treat tense muscles and restore the flexibility of your muscles.


7. Improve Flexibility

Great news! Massage can fix the tight joints too. After you receive a good session of massage therapy, you will feel more flexible and less prone to injury.


8. Relieve Headache

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics survey in 1995, almost 15% of the Australian population were taking medication for headaches. Massage can reduce the chance and frequency of headaches by easing the pressure and pain.



If you don't want to go outside after work, Just relax at home. Remove your makeup. Put on your PJ. Make sure you feel comfortable. Our mobile massage therapist Gold Coast will visit you and offer the best remedial massage service or reflexology foot massage at your home. No more bad traffic and waiting time. All you need to do is tapping on your mobile to book your private mobile massage service online from


We aim to provide the best massage on the Gold Coast, especially mobile after-hour home visit massage, because we understand what our customers need and your convenience is more important than the cost we run our business.


You probably will say 'it must be super expensive! I can't afford.' Think twice. What is your priority? What is the thing you need to truly care about? Money or health? The answer is obvious. Take a good care of yourself from giving yourself a professional massage after hard work. Smooth your soul by putting your body in good hands. 


If you have any questions, please email us, one of the best mobile massage Gold Coast. We will do our best to help you out. Your health is what we concern.

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